The Ancient, Sacred Art of Self healing & Deepen into your Intuition

No better time than NOW to empower your own Inner Healer & Intuitive to come


Whether you are a practitioner of another modality,  massage therapist, empath,

energy healer or coach who wants to be more intuitive and hold more presence ….


Or just someone who wants to be more in charge of your own health & well being




 Join me in Usui Reiki Level 1…


Reiki UPGRADES our own energy, our personal power and our own presence.


Think…vibrancy + vitality!! (and the ability to hold more life force power!) 🙂


I believe in having a tool box equipped with many tools, that we can use for ourselves, anytime

and anywhere…. Reiki is one of them!



I am here to tell you…. we all have our own healer deep inside. 


It is part of my purpose now to share and empower others to remember this part within them.


I believe it’s really important, especially,  for women to re-connect with this part of themselves, as


we are the feminine leaders of our families.


I invite you, if it’s your time to connect to your own inner healer, ( no matter if you are male or


female) so you can have this tool to work on your Self, your family, friends and loved pets! 🙂



Right now, we need healing more than ever and it begins with ourselves.


Reiki feels SO good to receive.


Reiki is used in pain clinics all over the world.


Reiki is used in hospital units all over in the U.S.


Reiki settles the mind, the nervous system and brings in more life force energy to


the depleted & tired parts that need extra attention and love.


Reiki opens our Intuition




Reiki is a gentle and powerful healing modality that anyone can learn.

Reiki Level I focuses on self-healing, something we ALL need.

It’s more than just a modality, it’s also a spiritual practice that connects us to the unlimited

universal source of all living things.

It sparks open our intuitive nature and connects us to the universal life force flow of energy and

we become a channel of Unconditional Love. (whoohoo! ~ and LOVE heals..a lot of things) 🙂


By allowing me to guide you,  you are also stepping into your own transformation done by YOU.

I would love to guide you and empower you on this amazing journey!




This is a LIVE 2 DAY class.

~  Saturday Sept 30th and Sunday, October 1st

~ 10:00am – 5:00pm

~  Class will take place at Crescent Valley Community Hall

$250 – For new students

~ $125 –  For the Refresher option (If you have received Reiki Level I already from any teacher, you are welcome to take this class again.




In this class we will:

Learn about the Ancient Art of Self Healing 

Go deeper in your own Reiki level 1 knowing ~  if you are taking this as a refresher!

Receive your Level I Reiki attunement by me, Shelley Tomelin, Reiki Teacher/Master

Learn simple & powerful self-healing practices that will calm & restore your

own Well Being & Wellness on all levels: relieve anxiety, improve sleep, lift depressive

states for yourself ~ any time!

Get hands on, easy steps to give energy healing to your family, friends, pets, food, water and even plants.

Learn energy management skills that are a must in today’s world, so you aren’t picking up others pain and running it through your own body.

Learn about the chakras and how they apply to us, especially to our Intuition

Begin to deepen your relationship to your Intuition and feel good about it!

Receive your Level I certificate upon completion



  • For the Refresher option (If you have received Reiki Level 1 already from any teacher,

  • you are welcome to take this class again as a refresher.) at $125


  • Yes, I want to refresh my learnings!


Reiki level I Manual

A self guided Daily Reiki practice ~ to use daily!

A Grounding practice to strengthen your energy & aura

Sitting for Guidance audio recordings

BONUS Q+ A call for questions, integrations and celebrations

Invite to the next Student Reiki Share

Invitation to join the monthly Reiki Teaching workshops

Yes! Sign me Up!


Class size limited to 6



If you are a FULL BODY YES and PAY by AUG 28TH, RECEIVE



FREE 60 min Reiki Energy Healing Session  (valued $150)




Here is what other students have said…..



“The Reiki course was magical, very spiritual, happy and such an

insightful time!  I have had so many downloads after that attunement”



“After receiving Reiki, I am at peace in my body & mind….wow!”


” My biggest takeaway was paying attention to my aura + energetic

boundaries, and making them strong”


“This course is deeply empowering and gives individual’s ‘back their power’

to take care of themselves”


“I just want to express my deep gratitude for you, Shelley, and your ability to

teach with such an open heart”


“I have been sleeping better than ever, since receiving the Reiki attunement”


“My biggest Aha was that Reiki is very spiritual, safe to use and easy to


“You hold such a sacred space for us, as we receive this information, thank

you.  I am so excited to share this with my family”



email to inquire:


Why Should You Study Reiki with Me?


Reiki has made me healthy on so many levels!  I feel my vitality and youthfulness

is all because of the energy healings I give to clients and receive for my Self.

I was always drawn to the healing arts.  What I love about Reiki is you can “turn it

on and off” and no one would know. You can use it everywhere!  And that is one

of it’s perks! 🙂

My foundation of healing lies in energy medicine, I studied 4 years of Energy Medicine in Boston,

MA, from then Reiki seemed to be the next step.

I studied under two teachers, who really supported me to grow & expand!

This past year, I have studied under my mentor, Lisa Campion, who developed Psychic Reiki.

What I love about her, her background is deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese teachings.

I love anything from Japan, as it is all rooted in quality.

I love teaching Reiki and sharing my wisdom and learnings from my 10+ years of experience. I

want to empower people to hold their health in their own hands, as well as all the other benefits

that come from this modality.

As a sensitive empath, the world is too much at times, I fall back on my Reiki practice to keep me

strong, grounded, rooted in vitality, vibrancy and in a state of gratitude and joy.

I want to empower as many people as I can, as this modality deepens our own connection to our


As we come into deeper relationship with our Selves, we can then deepen into partnerships and

other relations.

I have done over 4,000 client sessions and building…

Reiki has opened up my intuitive nature and this is amazing to embrace, as we all long to have

this deep connection with this part of our Selves. (who doesn’t want to be intuitive & psychic?) 🙂

Teaching Reiki is so fun for me.  We come into a ‘remembering’ of how amazing & powerful we

really are.

My teaching journey is just beginning, and I am excited to spread this modality into the heart’s of

many, as this modality open’s our hearts in a much bigger way.  I have a vision of healthy people,

healthy couples, healthy families and healthy communities:  all vibrant and loving life!

The gift of healing was passed down to me, and now it’s a honour to pass it to many.

Let’s be beautiful beacons of unconditional love and vibrant life force rays radiating out in all

directions! 🙂

I would love to guide you, if you feel the call to step in.

From my heart,

Shelley xo