I offer clarity, wisdom, emotional support & spiritual connection through Inner healing.


Sessions & Healing Packages:

Spiritual Warfare


Equipping you to walk in the world 

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Laying of Hands healing

Healing the way Jesus healed

Prayer, Blessings, and casting out of unclean spirits to set you free!

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Coming out of the new Age

Support & Guidance

Making sense of it all.  Support to guide you on moving forward as you free your self from the deception. 

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Deep Dive Divine Healing

Create a deep inner shift. Clear away stuck emotions that are causing body pain + feelings of hopelessness + frustration in everyday life. Feel hope, peace + possibility


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Divine Transformation

Empower a deeper shift. Tools + strategies to hold your new energy + your deepest heart desires. An expansion of the 3 month package, with so much more!


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Deliverance from Spirits

Be set free from unclean spirits


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Are we the right fit?

Email me:  shelley@shelleytomelin.com  to set up a 15 min consultation to see if we are a good fit!

Let’s talk about what you need + what you are looking for! 

If you are here, your Soul lead you here.  Take the next step by booking an appt in with the 1st Initial Client Session Intake.

How can we work together?
  • Catch me hosting a Community Healing share. Come have a turn on the table, by donation. Sign up for emails or follow my facebook updates and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming opportunities.
  • Catch one of my monthly classes/ workshops.  Sign up for emails or follow my facebook updates for upcoming events.
  • Book a session or purchase a package, depending on what you need, your commitment to working through something and how much time you want me to spend with you.  YOU are always your best investment!
How can Inner healing help me?

Energy & coaching services can help in many ways and for many conditions.

These are some common and priority issues clients come to me for:

*heal past traumas * get to core of a problem * restore work/life balance * remove inner obstacles * relief from chronic pain * feel secure * connect to Soul   *overcome fear * keep clean & sober * increase intimacy w/ partner * learn self-care & self-love * connect to best version of themselves  * increase self-worth & self-esteem * stronger, vibrant physical health * emotionally strong, stable & passionate * improved mental health, clear, focused & calm * recovery support  * add tools to my tool box * move myself into a more healthy space  * create a spiritual practice *   feel  joy, love  & learn to play, again*

What really happens during an Inner Healing Session?
How might I feel after my session?

Clients often feel calm and light after a session:

A deep inner peace, blissful feeling, with a calm, clear mind.

A feeling of openness with Self and a feeling of everything is truly possible.

What's a virtual session?

A virtual session is also known as a remote/long distance healing. We set up an appointment and meet over phone/online room. It’s just like in person and just as effective! 

What are your session rates? Do you offer any special pricing or promotions?

‘Please check out my ‘book a session page, my calendar includes all current session rates.

I do offer promotions:)   Head on over to join my email list and I’ll make sure to keep you posted on the latest in special offers that you won’t want to miss!

How do you accept payment?

 You can pay with cash, cheque, etransfer or credit card!

Payments for phone/virtual  sessions are required at time of booking

Sessions cancelled less than 24 hrs, will NOT be refunded.

Praise | Results

“Shelley is an intuitive and compassionate healer. During our sessions, I feel safe and confident to articulate and explore my feelings and goals. While the healings can feel subtle and gentle, I have noticed large shifts in my life in just a few sessions. The ‘lofty’ goals that I set for myself six months ago have come true. Of equal importance, Shelley has also taught me skills to clarify my feelings, articulate my needs, and receive the assistance and opportunities that I am offered. I am certain that these skills have helped me meet my current goals and will continue to aid me as I face future challenges and opportunities”. ~ R. M.

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Slocan Valley, BC | 3656 Steppe Rd, Krestova

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