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Our vibration attracts our results and desires.


Platnium:  12 sessions ~  1x a week for 3 months

Full pay:  $1,284

**Receive 13th session FREE:  Akashic Soul Reading (valued at $247) Purchase here

3 Payments of:  $428 Purchase here


Gold:  12 sessions ~  2x a month for 6 months

3 payments of $468 Purchase Here

6 payments of $ 234 Purchase Here


Silver:  12 sessions ~ 1x a month for 12 months

4 payments of $381 Purchase Here

6 payments of $ 254 Purchase Here 



The 12 Session Healing and Spiritual Journey together, can look like this….


Session 1:  Healing + Rewriting our Womb and Birth Story

Session 2:  Childhood Healing;  age 6 to conception

Session 3:  1st Chakra Healing + Repair: Coming back to a strong foundation

Session 4:  2nd Chakra Healing + Repair: Reclaiming our Sexuality

Session 5:  3rd Chakra Healing + Repair:  Reclaiming Self Esteem + Personal Power

Session 6:  4rth Chakra Healing + Repair:  Reclaiming Unconditional Love for Ourselves + others

Session 7:  5th Chakra Healing + Repair:  Reclaiming my Truth

Session 8:  6th + 7th Chakra Healing + Repair:    Accessing Inner Vision, Insight & Divine Mind

Session 9:  DNA Clearing + Activation

Session 10:  Spinal Clearing:  Building a Stronger Backbone

Session 11:  Life Purpose Activation

Session 12:  Soul Re-Connection + Remembrance



Wait…there’s more……


Each session is tailored to clear underlaying stress webs, clear mucous that creates inflammation, restructuring of organs specific to each chakra for optimal health + wellbeing, as well as clearing blocked meridians that limit life force vitality + energy.  Added EMP protection will be added.


**Bonus supportive audios will also be included:

~ Connecting back to Source
~ Clearing Codependency patterns
~ Reclaim the Divine Feminine + Masculine Energies: Coming into Balance
~ True Love Story Activation



How fast or slow do you move through life? 


This will determine how quickly you want to achieve your result and desire.


How committed are you to the results you are seeking?


The Universe always meets and supports us…when we say YES!


I invite you in!