Reclaim More of Your Light & Personal Power

It has been through my own liberating experience and witnessing of other Women, Lightworkers,

Healers, Coaches  that WE are being distracted ‘on purpose’.


This wasn’t something I wanted to accept, but when I went through this process myself…

I felt the difference.


This is all in an attempt to keep us off our path of personal power & service.

‘Who benefits when we don’t step into our power and

shine that light within ever so brightly?’




Do you feel the constant overwhelm, frustration, unfocused, distracted behaviors?


I sure did!  And I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I worked this piece within myself.


Then I understood why!


Through a deep training in my Akashic Mastery program, I discovered how these ‘distractor


energies’ were keeping me busy in ways that were not productive in my personal life or in


my business.


I am excited to share these clearings with you to really reclaim more of your own Light, personal


power and inner confidence!



You can feel:


A more clear + focused direction of what & where you need to go and do.


  We will call back MORE of  your own Soul Codes




  Restore your own Essence of Light ~ that is specific to you!



When I did this clearing work for myself, I felt a huge inner shift with a sense of freedom in my



It was very noticeable.


Others noticed too and asked about it!


With these distractions cleared, we can hear & feel more of our intuitive guidance with a deeper

connection to our true authentic Self.


Less noise, more FOCUS

Less drama + chaos, more PEACE



I’m offering this as a beta ~ 3 part class with a BONUS Q+A Integration Class, as there are over

25 common distractor energies + entities that affect us each differently.


I invite you in,  if you feel this would serve your purpose, your mission and your own Self to hold

more inner light than ever.



Clearing Distractor Energies

Class 1:  Sept 28 @ 11am PST/2pm EST

  Class 2:  Oct 5th @  11am PST/2pm EST

Class 3:  Oct 12th @ 11am PST/2pm EST


Each class will be 60-75mins and recorded for you!


Can’t make the time? No problem ~ you will receive lifetime access with the replay



BONUS Q+A Integration Call (60mins)    Oct 19th


Come join me as we clear the energetic distractions that keep beautiful passionate women, rising

Empathic healers, empowering changemakers stuck + spinning!


Register for these potent clearings that get dissolved in the light HERE

FAST ACTION BONUS:  If you register by September 24th, you receive 3 extra audios of the

clearings that you can run daily for yourself to keep your energy field clear, clean + sovereign. 

(This is something I do daily now and is a must my own spiritual hygiene + energy management!)


AND a 30 min 1~ 1 call with me! (value $111)  (Full Pay)


What would MORE LIGHT do for you?

  How would it FEEL?


Imagine more space for your own Soul Essence to shine through….

I want this for you…

As this was the gift that was given to me 🙂 



Psst! If you are ready to unhook from the old 3D Matrix programs, this will right up your alley! 😉