Going Deeper Within One Self

Bundle of 3 Sessions (90mins)


Bundle of 6 Sessions (90 mins)

Save $115


Bundle of 12 Sessions (90 mins)

Also referred to as the Results Package/ SHE RISES

Save $294



**Payment plans are available**

The 12 Session Healing, Mystical & Spiritual Journey together, can look like this….


Session 1:  Healing + Rewriting our Womb and Birth Story

Session 2:  Childhood Healing;  age 6 to conception

Session 3:  1st Chakra Healing + Repair: Coming back to a strong foundation

Session 4:  2nd Chakra Healing + Repair: Reclaiming our Sexuality, Creativity + Intuition

Session 5:  3rd Chakra Healing + Repair:  Reclaiming “My Self” , my personal power & value

Session 6:  4rth Chakra Healing + Repair:  Reclaiming Unconditional Love for Ourselves + others

Session 7:  5th Chakra Healing + Repair:  Reclaiming my Truth

Session 8:  6th + 7th Chakra Healing + Repair:    Accessing Inner Vision, Insight & Divine Mind

Session 9:  DNA Clearing + Activation

Session 10:  Spinal Clearing:  Building a Stronger Backbone

Session 11:  Life Purpose Activation

Session 12:  Soul Re-Connection + Remembrance



Wait…there’s more……

Each session is tailored to:

> clear underlaying stress webs within the body

> clear mucous that creates inflammation

> restructuring of organs specific to each chakra for optimal health & wellbeing

> clearing blocked meridians that limit life force energy & vitality


**Bonus supportive audios will also be included to deepen the work we do.(some examples are below)

~ Connecting back to Source


~ Clearing Codependency patterns


~ Reclaiming our Divine Feminine + Masculine: Coming into Balance


~ True Love Story Activation



Each bundle is tailored for the highest priority of healing for optimal health & wellbeing.


I look forward to working with you and seeing you remember who you really are:  divine, beautiful & powerful in your Life Purpose. ~ Shelley xo




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September 7, 2022