Personal coaching for practitioners, consultants & coaches

Would you love to get your practice/business going and growing with more clients? Move your practice forward with personal coaching for energy practitioners, bodyworkers consultants and coaches.

You have the skills, but need that deep inner work, sometimes called “consciousness work” or shadow work.

I know that journey. I had the skills, but didn’t have the confidence, self-worth or the voice, to put myself out there!  I was afraid, of what people might say.  I had a hard time asking for money.  I was afraid of telling people what I did.  I was lacking in my own foundation.

So…. I held myself back. I was unfulfilled in my day job because I loved doing the healing work and wanted that to be my ‘bread & butter’ because I was passionate about it, and the world needs all the healers it can get.  I was stuck, spinning & so frustrated.   …..Then I did the deep inner work, and that’s where are the magic started happening. I laid the right foundation for myself, which in turn affected my business.  I was finally able to ‘take my place’ in the world with my passion.

Can you relate? Here’s where I can come in…..  to help explore where your inner blocks are, and where you are holding yourself back.  We begin the process of building you from the bottom up, so you can have the solid inner foundation to build your practice/business on.

A solid, firm foundation grows your practice. When our own lives are shaky or unstable, that energetically spills out into our work/business.

  • How connected are you to your feelings?  When we are connected to our feelings, we can connect with our clients.  People can feel us and when they do they trust in what we offer.
  • How’s your self worth?  Do you value your self & your skill?  How do you honour your time?  How are your boundaries? When we honour these pieces in ourselves, others do too.
  • How open is your heart?  A genuine open heart, enables us as healers to be able to do 1-1 work with clients.
  • Do you have the gift of presence? People feel when we are really there for them.
  • How are your everyday relationships? This impacts our work with clients.
  • Do you ask for your needs?  Do you honour your inner voice?  Are you good at expressing yourself?  These all play a part in how we show up for clients, our business & practice.
  • How creative are you? Creativity is key is running a flourishing practice.  As we grow, our practice will grow.  Creativity keeps things fresh & moving!
  • Are you open to guidance?  Do you know what it feels like?  How open are you to insight?
  • Do you know your life purpose?  What if you understood what that meant, and created your practice from being connected to it?
  • How about money?  What’s your relationship with money?  How we treat ourselves is connected to our relationship with money.

Looking for a trusted guide to explore these pieces? Look no further.

You can choose from a single session on a specific piece to the whole package, where we cover everything. This is what I did, and it has made the difference between just getting by to thriving!

Work with me

Single session with coaching & energy healing: 90 minutes ~ $175

Foundational Inner Work for Business Success Package: 16 ~ 90 minute sessions

The value of this program is $4,997  | Your investment in your self & your business

Pay in full, save an additional $500 | Payment plans available ~ Just Ask!

Praise | Results

“Shelley helped me become super aware of my life purpose, my gifts and how to find my joy. She was able to remove fears and energy blocks holding me back.  I was able to support myself and build a foundation of trust for me to move forward.  I was able to recognize my purpose and calmly and gracefully close the doors that needed to close in order to make room to become my best self.  It is continual work and she doesn’t claim to have a “fix” but allowed me to have clarity and strength to move into what I truly want to build in my life. She is always present and gives me tools to use every day to maintain the momentum.  Energy can either move you forward … or keep you stuck! Shelley’s helped me get unstuck”.  ~ Stacy J.

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