PASSIONATE: 3 Month Support

Passionate: On Purpose with Purpose


Three months to support you to:

** Deepen the foundation for you

** To keep rewiring the Brain, create new pathways & new circuits

** To support you on all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually to hold the new energy

without sabotaging and collapsing yourself.


** To focus on what you love and not what the challenges around you may be.



February, March & April will look like this:


1 ~ 90 min Energy Healing with me personally

(you will be sent a link to book your time in, we will meet in the online space)


1 ~ 90 min Group Coaching/Teaching/Healing Support Call

Mid month,  time TBA


1 ~ 30 min: 1 ~1 Support Call Check in


       To see where you’re at, offer guidance/support with anything that is up for you.


A total of 9x of support over 3 months:  keeping you on track, with guidance,

focused on what is most important to you.



Mid February Group Call:  Deepening into the Work


~ Learn about our Natural Guidance System and how to work with it

~ Hold the new energy without collapse

~ Learn about the Soul Point and how to work with it

~ Learn how to strengthen your field as you hold new energy



Mid March Group Call: Your Secret Happy Place & Understanding Your

Unique Life Purpose Wiring

~ Learn about your Life Purpose Point

~ How to activate it and ground it into the Earth

~ Receive a healing on clearing Oaths, Vows, Contracts & Agreements you may

have made that you don’t realize



Own more of your energy, essence and power of your Life Purpose.


Mid April Group Call: Opening Up to Receive More


~ softening and feeling safe to receive

~ being a gracious receiver

~ Receive a healing on Receiving

~ explore deserving & worthiness



The value of this is $1,311

Full pay is $997 (save $314)

3 pay ~ $337

5 pay ~ $203