I am really excited to invite you to the next long distance, group community & collective healing


I create the sacred, safe space each month, for like minded folks to come together to receive a

healing that can support you at these times of great change.

Each session touches upon on a different healing that strengthens a different aspect of ourselves.

You can join a group healing for the low cost of $37 and receive huge benefits for yourself.😊

Here are some perks to remote group healing work:

  • The energy of the group increases the power of the healing so the healings are extra


  • You can share your experience afterwards, as this helps your process your healing


  • Your cost is less compared to what a private healing session with myself costs.

  • You can receive your healing from the comfort and coziness of your own home.

  • You can join the session LIVE as I run it, or get the recording and listen whenever you can

    and as many times as you want to.

  • You receive an explanation of the healing and a guided meditation to help you

    get grounded and connected to yourself.

    What is Energy Healing really???


    I have been doing healings for over 10 years now and have done over 4,000 sessions!

    I am excited to bring these potent transformative healings to you in a group setting via Zoom

    Online space.

    (and No! you don’t have to have your camera on 😉)


    I use a blend of Reiki, Full Spectrum & Quantum Light healings to bring about a space of

    Inner Peace, Bliss (Joy*) and Harmony within your Self.


  • Energy Healing works by clearing our inner blocks and opening up the energetic pathways

    within the body,  to bring about deep physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing

    and Well Being.


  •  As we clear blocks, open chakras and release unexpressed~ held back pain and

    trauma in the the tissues, we will naturally feel more space within, increased vitality, inner

    peace and harmony ☯️ with all parts of ourselves.

  • You will also notice a subtle/gentle difference in your life and find yourself responding

    differently to life,  since energy healing is a powerful path to help you create and live a life

    that feels good to you.

    This month’s group healing is:

    Healing Our Tender Hearts & Balancing Our Heart Chakra

    for more Love, Harmony & Peace

    JOIN IN for just $37



The heart is the balance point in our body and energy field, also balancing the lower and upper

chakras to come into balance.

The heart is also where we come into balance with the masculine and feminine side of our body

and our Selves.

If you have……

Unresolved and unexpressed grief or heartbreak….

Have asthma, lung issues, high blood pressure, heart conditions or anything connected with the

breasts ….

Have a hard time speaking about your feelings in relationship…

Have codependency or other unhealthy patterns of being stuck in a bad relationship, betrayal,

unable to trust others or cant find a relationship at all…

This healing will be of great support for you!!


To Prepare for this Healing:

It’s important to find in a quiet place and where you won’t be disturbed for 60 mins.                     

  • It’s best if you can sit or lie down while you are receiving your healing.
  • Please don’t be driving!
  • Create some free time afterwards to integrate and journal what came up in the the healing for you.
  • It’s very natural and normal to have a cry after a healing.  Give yourself permission to feel all the feels that came up.  Old stuff is coming up to the surface to be released!  Taking deep breaths into the place you are feeling, helps move the energy up and out.  Our breath is our friend.
  • Drink plenty of water after.  Rest and Reflect upon your experience. Share with a trusted person, if you need to process your experience and always…. reach out to a healer/ therapist/supportive practitioner if you need extra support for yourself.

                      GROUP HEALING DETAILS

This month’s healing is:

The group healing will be recorded and sent to you in an audio recording.

  • This month’s group healing takes place on JUNE 15TH 2023
  • at 6:45pm ~ 7:45pm PST
  • The healing will take place on ZOOM online platform.
    After you register, your information on the details will be emailed to you.
  • Cost $37 per group heali
Save my spot for my heart 💚



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