Deepen Into Your Power ~ Bundle of 5 Akashic Sessions


Would you like to go deeper into deepening into your power, your light and your gifts?


Together, we will journey into your records and call back even more:  reclaiming what is your divine birthright.


Through 1~ 1 will will work through the many places that block our power and light, that affect our purpose, our gifts and our relationships.


Deepening into the work and clearing:


* transgenerational and ancestral shock + trauma

* hooks and cords

* implants and subliminal programs

* past life interferences

* societal, religious and cultural imprinting + programming

* oaths, vows, contracts and obligations made



How would it feel to carry MORE LIGHT?


Feel more JOY not for any reason, but because this is your natural birthright?


I invite you in….


Bundle of 5 will support you, allow you to settle into a safe, high frequency container to relax into

and know you are seen, held and witnessed in your highest potential.


Full pay:  $785   with BONUS GIFT ~ 6th Akashic session FREE (value $247)   HERE


Two payments of $393



Three payments of $ 262