Call Your Spirit Back ~ Addictions Support & Healing

Call your Spirit back from Addiction is a 3 month Healing commitment to fill yourself from the inside out.

We all have some form of addiction that keeps us from really living our full potential. They drain our energy, keep us stuck, cause conflict in our lives and do not resonate with our soul & life purpose.

This can come in many forms for us…. people pleasing, overworking, overeating, a strong need for control, taking things personally, avoiding conflict, high risk activities, drama & conflict, feeling not being good enough, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex & overspending can be common ones in our society.

These patterns when they no longer serve us, can be challenging to let go of.

Whatever form of addiction is challenging you, getting to the root of it can support your recovery & path forward.

All addictions are a form of self-rejection. Rejecting a quality of yourself, which creates a hole in our energy field, which is always needing to be filled, whether a substance, person, or way of being.

Once the quick fix is no longer around, we once again, feel empty and are searching for the next ‘hit’

But what if… you were full, from the inside out? We no longer had the urge to reach for anything outside of us.

Call Your Spirit Back ~ We call out your addiction with consciousness work, see all the ways the addiction runs in your life thru the layers of your physical, emotional & spiritual body.

We release the need to self-betray ourselves any longer.

We use energy healing to break the addictive patterns & behaviours held in the mind, body, and restructure the entire system from the bones to the skin to hold new energy that supports the individual.

With a combination of energy medicine, energy work & brain science we create a new foundation + structure, plus fill all the empty spaces with our own wholeness & divine soul qualities.

Does this feel like a fit? Contact me to begin, or with questions / for more details.

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