Autumn Guidance + Forecasting Session to Support You Fully

How would it feel to receive guidance, insight + support directly from your Soul on

the next 3 months on what would best serve you as we move through

this huge Collective Humanity shift?



Receiving guidance from your Soul Records ~ your own Akashic Records: keeps you on the path that…


Feels aligned.   Feels on track.    Feels purposeful.


(Even while the outside world tries to distract and keep us separate from our Selves.)


I invite you to step in the Autumn Guidance + Forecasting Session to prepare you on what would support you the most!


Instead of guessing what you need and winging it…. receive the love and next steps from your guides + guardians that


are specific to and for you.


We will cover these 3 areas of your life:  physical health + wellbeing,  love + relationships,  money + wealth


Would you love to know what’s perfect + specific for you on these?


We will go into inquiry with…


What needs to shift within me to release this pattern of…?


How can I create this kind of relationship with…. (my body/partner/client/money) ?


How can I receive more….vitality, love, $$$, wealth, abundance?


What steps do I need to take for this specific outcome?


What would I need to believe about myself to have….? (mindset + brain repatterning work)


And…   What information do they most want me to know and the best steps to support myself through


this time?


The Autumn Guidance + Forecasting Session will prepare you exactly on how to line yourself up


for the next 3 months on what you are desiring





Keep you focused on yourself, while the world around us keeps shifting + moving.



Plus, we will do a future progression where you receive yourself aligning with your future human self receiving all the wisdom into your body.



I invite you in!


Book HERE for your 1~1 session all done through the private zoom room.


**A link will be sent to you in your confirmation email and a recording will be available for you after the session.


Welcome Fall!

Supporting you on all levels,

Shelley xo



“Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself.” ~Rumi