Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of your own Soul that hold all information about

the truth of who you really are.


Recording  every word, thought, belief, experience, emotion and moment.


By entering into your Akashic Library, you open yourself up to receive the Universe’s divine

guidance and wisdom with nothing but 100% divine love and truth for you.



There is no judgement in the Akashic field.


It is a spiritual journey that is always healing and transformative, supporting you all levels to

reclaim your light, power, beauty and divine gifts.


All past, present, and future possibilities lie in the Akashic records.

New stories can be recreated, that shift the energies

within ourselves to then create new outer world realities.



The Records are deeply healing and create a remembrance and reconnection to nurture the

relationship between soul and source.


Your Akashic Records support you, as being  in control of your own destiny.


You create the reality you desire; the Wisdom Keepers support that creation.


The true nature of the Akashic Records is holding all possible present moments and futures;  the

records do not predict the future at all times inquired about.


The Akashic records are all about you: 

Living in Full Alignment With Your Soul.


By accessing your Akashic Records together,  you will receive insight to understand your inner

blocks in life,  and the ways to co-create a better feeling outcome.


The information that comes through for you, gives you an opportunity to understand yourself in a

deeper way and choose a new reality that is supportive and in service to your Soul’s path in this



If you…

…keep repeating the same “stories” over and over….


…have done a lot of “inner work” already but still can’t move forward as you’d like….

…Want to feel free and liberated from the societal, cultural, parental





Your Akashic Records are the direct source for divine insight, guidance, healing,

transformation and creation of new life stories!





Connect with your own guides, ascended Masters, Teachers, Record Keepers, Wisdom Keepers,

and Spirit Team

Remember your Soul’s purpose and Activate your own Soul Codes for this lifetime


Uncover any dormant ancient gifts and talents


Clear limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviours and fears


Instantly transform and shift your relationships with yourself, your body, your loved ones,

money and purpose



Own your true heart’s desires and begin the magnetizing process


Healing at the cellular level of your being of all bodies: physical, mental and emotional bodies


Connect to your intuition and inner wisdom keeper


Receive understanding, insight and guidance to bravely take the next leaps in your life


Align and activate to your own Self Mastery and Soul’s Mastery


And so much more….


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And so much more…


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