Welcome to this month’s Group Healing!

Reclaim Your Light, Personal Power & Life Force Energy Within!

~ Release the Inner Victim ~

I am really excited to invite you to my long distance group healing session! I will be doing these group sessions monthly with each session touching upon a  different topic of healing.

With group healings,  you can join for the lower cost of $47 and receive huge benefits + fruits from this kind of work!

Here are some advantages to long distance group healing work:

  • The energy & power of the group amplifies the healing X10,  so the healings are extra potent!
  • You can share your experiences afterwards to ask questions & process your own experience.
  • Your cost is less than, if you worked with me privately!
  • You can receive your healing in the comfort of your own cozy space!
  • You can join LIVE  or get the recording and listen whenever you can and as many times as you want to deepen your experience + results!

We all have had experiences in this lifetime, where we have felt like a victim.

Victim energies steal our life force and keep us in the energy of blame, shame, judgement & guilt on our selves.

Time to let that go…and call back more of your precious life force energy to heal & create your beautiful life and your own Personal Power to live your purpose with passion and experience life with pleasure!!

I have been diving deep into releasing these victim programs for the past few months with clients.

It’s your turn to feel free!

As we unravel these energies within, your awareness begins to release the old stories and you begin to see new ways of BE~ing for your Self.

In this group healing you will meet & connect to your Higher Self in a deeper way.

(Many clients ask about this!  We will go deeper than I have before)

Release the Victim imprints, behaviors, programming and mindsets that keep us stuck and not moving forward!

TIME:  2pm PST/ 5pm  EST

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We will be using the ZOOM: online platform.   After you register, an email confirmation will be sent with the ZOOM.

Investment Cost in yourself:  $47


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