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Connect back to your true self & life purpose with a unique combination of energy medicine, psychology, spiritual guidance, tools & strategies to support you.

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Enhance your inner peace, bliss & unity with a blend of Reiki + Full Spectrum Healing, where mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies come into wholeness.

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Receive guidance, insight & deep healing in your own Akashic Records thru a personal reading.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

We’re all on a healing journey of remembering our divinity and how powerful we are in the light!

Wherever you’re at in yours, I’m here to guide you, with so much love! (I know it can be scary & so unknown)

I’m truly passionate about connecting people back to themselves with the magic and ease that happens when we come back home to ourselves.

My own healing path has led me to pursue mastery as a Master Healer.
With 12 years of healing & coaching experience, I draw on a huge toolbox of techniques in my work.

I am a 4rth generation Healer, my roots go all the way back to Russia.
I carry a long line of wisdom, healing & power!

My own journey began healing my own many layers of trauma of within.

Welcome…I see you!

Client Love

“Shelley’s compassionate and healing work allows for a powerful but gentle shift in awareness and energy. It creates space for healing, love and insight. She gives you tools to use in your daily life. You are in healing hands with Shelley”.


“My energy is stronger and my confidence has returned. Shelley is an amazing energy healer.  I immediately felt safe and secure in her hands.I highly recommend her services”.

~ CC

“Shelley creates a warm, welcoming, calm and safe environment.  Her passion for helping people reach their highest potential shines through. The sessions give me an opportunity to take time out for myself, dig deeper, reflect on my own feelings and thoughts, my own interests and passions ~ and things that may be holding me back. Shelley guides this process very naturally. I leave her place feeling lighter, yet full:) Love it!!” ~LM

I can honestly say that working with Shelley changed my life in a profound way. Even just one healing session with all of the beautiful components she brought in helped me connect dots I’ve been putting together for months and finally let go of things I’ve tried to for years. She is a beautiful conduit (a nice clear and pure channel) for high energy as well as a loving person and soul who is easy to talk to and feel comfortable with in her own right. I highly recommend working with her for anybody who is looking to do healing in the most supportive and loving way.

Katherine Wehler, Activation + Ascension Guide, www.katherinewehler.com

This healing work is…(inner) House cleaning at it’s finest. ~ Sue Higgins, Chartered Herbalist

My sessions were amazing!
Amazing because Shelley picked up on all of my needs/fears and was very thorough.  She added treatments​,​ she felt I needed, which​ ​were spot on without talking about them myself.  
  I felt safe to release my fears and blocked energy. Not only did she clear my blockages, she educated me as to why things may have felt a certain way, so she’s not only a healer but also a teacher​.
The guidance that I received helped me so much, and it’s guidance that is useful in my daily life for healing, energy protection, self reflection and deeper understanding. I’ve signed up for her Reclaim + Rise series in January and I feel taken care​. ​ I feel like if Shelley is going to meet with me for seven weeks, I’m safe…..healing is coming….and I’m so excited! ~ Andrea Hinojos
I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the incredible work that you do.  It was divine intervention that prompted me to sign up for your 4 month healing package.  I know that I’m a different person now than in June.  I know this because the choices I make today are different from the one’s I would have made in the past.  I believe this is because of the  old programming I had within myself.  
Each session was deeper and I felt more awakened as the weeks went by. 
 What I liked about our sessions was the opportunity to have a conversation each time we met.  This gave me clarity.  Then, you created specific downloads and clearings for me based on this.  
 Thank you for making me feel important and special.  ~ Wendy M. ~ Registered Massage Therapist

I just want to thank Shelley Tomelin for what I experienced with my Energetic Alergy Healing session, its was incredible! I didn’t have any allergy concerns, but I wanted to know why I feel bloated, maybe I was allergic to something? Shelley is very relatable and through. She cleared and released things that I didn’t realize were preventing me from feeling healthy and happy! I felt this healing energy for a good while, I also know loving guides where near me. I feel wonderful now, so grateful to feel like myself again! Shelley your amazing! Thank you ~ Shana Williams

I received an Energetic Allergy Healing from Shelley, to help me quit smoking.
Today,  I am 51 days and counting…SMOKE FREE! Whoohoo!
~ H. Roshinsky

Thank you again for an amazing session… Shelley holds such a loving and safe space for the deepest work- she has both a softness and a strength that allows ALL my energy to come out (no hiding)- which lets the real work happen. In our sessions, I go straight into the deepest stuff (that I didn’t even consciously know was present)… but once we tap into it, it’s so obvious what needed to emerge and shift. I have experienced powerful clearing in my energy with each session, including bringing more clarity and specific direction to my soul’s path. TY again!! 💜  ~ Rachel Hardy

I have had a deep sense of peace that has stayed with me since our session.  Your energy is so gentle + powerful for change + healing. ~ Deborah McAllister
💜💜💜 Highly recommended Shelley’s healing work!!

The Akashic reading with Shelley was the most sacred of times. I felt so connected and safe with her. It was as if she held me like a new born baby gently taking me to another level of awareness. Thank you so much. ❤️ ~ Denise Hansard 

I sincerely feel as though I’ve won the spiritual jackpot!!

Your exceptional gift to provide energetic healing and life counseling in this meaningful way has positively impacted me in such a profound way and I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful spiritual experience!!

I am so excited and really look forward to continuing my spiritual growth via this meaningful and life enhancing talent you have!
You truly are a healing miracle!! 🙂
With eternal gratitude, Jamie Q.

I just came off the most beautiful Akashic reading with Shelley.  With her thoroughness, care and love she brought the healing full circle.

My body, mind and soul feels at peace & as she brought in my home to calibrate to my new state and frequency I could literally feel the shift in the space around me.

This whole reading felt like a deep homecoming and integration of all levels of my being and I’m so grateful for her gift of energy
Thank You! ~ Anna Golden Ray, Divine Feminine embodiment activator

Happy Client Feedback

My appointment was so great, and effective, I wish I called sooner!
You did a wonderful job listening to me and I’ve been using the tools that we talked about. 
Thank you as always!!!
You help sooo much 🙂  ~ Andrea H.

Happy Client Feedback

That experience last night was otherworldly! How do you do that??
And via Zoom. Crazy. It’s incredible.
~ Karen M

Happy Client Feedback

Thank you so much!  I really appreciate  the time you spent with me today. 
It was enlightening, deep and very moving. 
You’ve helped me open up myself to a different way of being. ~ Judy


The entity clearing & removal was worth $1 Million bucks!!  I slept so deeply that I feel like a brand new person.  I feel human again!  Thank you so much, Shelley!!
~ Myles S

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